What Z Clubs
are all about…

Social Gatherings

Experience the camaraderie and excitement of connecting with fellow Nissan and Datsun enthusiasts at our regular social gatherings. Share stories, trade tips, and forge lifelong friendships in a welcoming community.

Group Drives

Take your Nissan or Datsun on exhilarating group drives through the picturesque landscapes of Northeast Ohio. Discover new roads, enjoy the thrill of cruising in a convoy, and create lasting memories with fellow Z Car lovers.

Regional Event Participation

Immerse yourself in the vibrant car culture of Northeast Ohio by joining us at regional events and car shows. Showcase your Z Car, engage with fellow enthusiasts, and experience the excitement of being a part of a thriving community passionate about Nissan and Datsun.

Membership Benefits

Enjoy exclusive discounts and special benefits from our partner businesses, as well as access to the resources and community support of the Z Car Club Association. Maximize the value of your membership and enhance your Z Car ownership experience.

Current Benefits for dues-paying Club Members

Membership has its privileges.

Enjoy the social aspects of Z Club Life while also getting discounts on some events and parts-vendors.

Just a few places that Cleveland Z Club members can enjoy discounts:
– Discount Tire (
– Skillard – 10% (
– Motorsport Auto (
– Z Car Depot (
– ZCON (base reg) (
– ZSPEC Design (

Get Involved with the Cleveland Z Club!

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Discounts, Club Stickers, parts discounts programs,
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