About Cleveland Z Club

Our Story

The Club started in Cleveland, Ohio to celebrate the Nissan & Datsun Z car!

Experience the thrill of driving and connecting with fellow Nissan and Datsun enthusiasts in Northeast Ohio, wrenching at our annual “Tech Day”, going on a drive or get involved with some motorsports.

We have members who enjoy all sorts of activities and invite new prospects to check us out!

With over 25 years of dedicated service, we bring together Z Car lovers, offering social gatherings, group drives, and regional event participation.

Cleveland Z Club has hosted the “Midwest Z Heritage” event and attends ZCON regularly (, Branson Z Fest (, East Coast Z Nationals ( and many other events.

They’re Meant to be…


The Club’s Objectives

To foster a vibrant Z Car community, celebrating the decades of Z Car heritage while connecting and supporting fellow enthusiasts across northern Ohio and adjacent areas.

Our Values

We value inclusivity, camaraderie, and the preservation of Z Car history through shared experiences and passion. This is NOT the club for street-takeovers and disrespectful behavior at events. CZC is a community-driven organization with ties to the ZCCA international Z-Club governing body.

Love Cars, Love People, & Love Life – Mr. K (Yutaka Kateyama)

A Legacy of Z Car Enthusiasm

Since 1999, we’ve been devoted to preserving and celebrating the iconic Z Car heritage.

We have members and resources to help you with your pride and joy. Sourcing parts, getting a helping hand or learning about the history.

This is what “Z Club Life” is all about!

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