Club Membership

20-Year Nissan & Datsun Z Car Club!!

Benefits of joining a local Z Club like the Cleveland Z Club

  • #1 - we're here to enjoy ourselves, expect to enjoy yourself as part of an active and diverse group of Z enthusiasts.  Plan on social events, lots of talk about Z cars and adventures around them.
  • #2 - help with your Z project.  Advice and tips from fellow club members can make owning a classic Z car all the more fun
    and rewarding.
  • #3 - Discounts.  Save on ZCON registration...get discounts on OEM parts from a couple national providers (through our ZCCA membership) and save on Hagerty insurance (5% off policies).
  • #4 - We include a subscription to the only Z-community focused magazine with club dues.  The ZCCM (Z Car Club Magazine) highlights various Z-community events and enthusiast car builds.
  • #5 - Adventure.  Whether you like to go for drives, travel to Z events with the group, or get "on-track", joining the Cleveland Z Club will add more fun to your annual calendar.

Joining is pretty simple...

We offer two membership types; an Individual Membership and a Family Membership.   Dues go to the Club to support our club activities and we strive to give you value back with our benefits mentioned to the left.

When you're ready, fill out our application form and send it via email or mail (information on where to send is on the application.